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Love When You're Ready, Not When You're Lonely

I thought I was ready,

I thought I knew you.

I thought we were steady,

I thought you loved Miss Moo.

I thought you had the patience,

I thought you would never give up.

I thought you knew I was anxious,

I thought I wouldn’t miss the pup.

I thought you were strong,

I thought you would never run away.

I thought we would never be wrong,

I thought you would always stay.

I thought you were different,

I thought you loved me,

I thought you liked being a parent,

I thought we would always agree.

I thought I would be your last,

I thought you only wanted me.

I thought you were over your past,

I thought it was only me you could see.

I thought we could get through anything,

I thought you understood my mind,

I thought that you were my king.

I thought I could use you to unwind.

I thought we were forever,

I thought you would come back,

I thought you would fight for me,

I thought there was nothing that we lack.

I thought I was more to you,

I thought I was strong,

I thought you would never hurt me,

I guess I I thought wrong.

I didn’t think you would leave,

I didn’t think you would throw me away,

I didn’t think you wouldn’t care,

I didn’t think you would treat me this way.

I didn’t think it was so easy to forget,

Forget the memories we shared in our very big bed. In the place we called home at the end of the day, Why did you have to go and throw it all away.

I didn’t think you could give up on family,

I didn’t think it was all fake to you,

I didn’t think you were so selfish to not try,

I didn’t think you just looked out for you.

I didn’t think you still loved someone else,

I didn’t think you would lead me on for so long,

I didn’t think you would ever walk away.

I didn’t think I would have to be this strong.

I pushed and I pushed to see how much you could take. I guess that’s just what happens when you think and didn’t think all day.

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