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In through your nose, out through your mouth, Seems easy enough to figure it out? But halfway through that breath, your mind has a thought, That thought takes your breath and leaves you distraught. Eyes open wide as you clench and grab your chest, Try to feel your heartbeat while your body feels stressed. How do you stop the panic, tell your self it isn't real, But your mind believes your body and everything that you feel. You drop to the ground as you feel faint in your head, You wish you were anywhere else, but here instead. You have been so strong for so long your body can't take it, Cant take the fake charade no longer, not one little bit. Gather your thoughts; only the rational must stay, All the lies you tell your self, they need to go away. "You are not worthless; you are doing your best." Keep telling yourself this, put your mind to the test. The other voice cries and tells you to give up, It sucks all your life and just makes you feel stuck. You constantly fight with your mind every single day, When your crazy comes out, no one holds you and stays. You're trying your best, you know that's not you! All these thoughts that you have are not your own point of view, Its the depression and anxiety it just simply takes over, There's nothing you can do to control it; you just need some closure. Maybe if your parents hugged you some more in the night, When you were five and had a bad dream that gave you a fright, Maybe if that boy that you liked back in the fifth grade, Didn't tease you, and point at you, and just called you names. Maybe if that girl in high school was really your friend, And didn't talk about you behind your back and just pretend. You get to an adult, and you feel like a failure, But it was everyone else and their selfish behaviour. You need to learn to love your self and not look for approval, Then you can get rid of those bad thoughts and start the removal. The removal of the people who just drag you down, In your life, in your mind, everyone that's around. Start your path fresh, and you will attract the good people, The ones that don't need anything back to stay faithful. Listen to your heart and not the voices in your head, Maybe that will be better than what you're doing instead. The panics will fade, over time as you grow, And your beautiful self will shine through and finally show.

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